Who is FrankE?

About FrankE

Born in England, raised in England and Switzerland.
English and Swiss Mentality, trilingual rapper.

I discovered my passion for rap music at around the age of 10. I remember going to a friends house and starting up the computer to then make some Hip-Hop beats with eJay.

Later on when i was 12, I recall writing down my first rap ever and going to a summer camp, where I had to freestyle against a room mate who was claiming he was the better freestyle rapper. Afterwards I kept on writing down rhymes during class, met MC Fakyr at school and was freestyling with friends and colaborating with different rap artists in my neighbourhood to record our own rap-songs.

"I basicaly grew up listening to all the classics in 3 languages like Xzibit, Eminem, Pac and Biggie. Nas, DMX, Big-L, Cypress Hill as well as IAM, Sniper, Nekfeu, Tunisiano. Not to forgett The IRS, High Focus, R.A. the Rugged Man, and German/Swiss-German/Dutch rappers like Samy Deluxe, Sido, King Savas, Prinz P, EKR, Rokator, Blacktiger, Bandit, Brainpower, as well as various battle rappers like Dizaster, Locksmith, Pat Stay and many many more..."

I produced my first tapes in 2007. My German/Swiss-German still wasn't great and my voice changed a lot around that age, so I finaly never released any of those songs.

At first, all I had was a headset mic. Gradualy, I startet to improve my skills and 2008 I teamed up with some friends as the Super Flash Bros (FakyR, Lu'an'C) to build up our first small studio in Seebach, ZH. Following a concert, we concentrated on making new songs and perfecting our skills. In the mean time, FakyR am me also teamed up with SNK to create a new group called Thrive. After having a few small gigs and tackling many problems in the studio in Seebach, ZH we moved out to a new location in 2010.

We built up our second studio in Glattbrugg, ZH and after my military duty, my first mixtape "FrankTheTank" was produced.
Right before entering the Swiss Video Battle Tournament (Swiss VBT) in 2014 a label called Relephants (FakyR, Jayquillibrium, FrankE - later also Preason, B-Ill, Lu'an'C, DJ Ronin) and yet another studio in Rümlang, ZH, was founded. In the following year there was a dispute which led to me leaving the group and going solo for a while.

"I've set out to make the best multilingual music out there and to keep real Hip-Hop alive by supporting the culture in Switzerland."

I then completed another Mixtape called "FrankTheBank" in 2015 which included my first music video produced by close friends and myself.

In 2016 I built up a new professional recording studio in Zürich Seebach. After problems with the building owner I was forced to move out. At the moment I am recording at two professional studios in Zürich. Hangman Records and Studio 6.

In 2018 i released the FrankTheFrank Mixtape and soon after I finished my EP with 6 Tracks for the Freshman 18 competition called: Frank The Freshman. I also produced a video clip for the song "KING" which was a lot of fun to make!

I am now planning my first complete studio album. Stay tuned..