Frank The Frank The Mixtape 2018 has been released

Frank The Frank The Mixtape has officialy been released on the 01 October 2018. It's the last mixtape in the Frank saga and includes many music styles i had been working on in the last few years. I hope find something you enjoy and like always stay fresh!


FrankE - Freshman 18

Frank has qualified for the Swiss Freshman 18 competition. I will be release a tape very soon with 4-5 Tracks with my song "Immerno" as a main single with a video clip. Stay tuned!

Freshman Article:

Online Hip-Hop Website Aightgenossen CH:

Chauvre Souris Music Video

Making of "Chauvre Souris - FrankE"

Straight outta the undeground. 

First of all, big props to my bro Andrea Büeler and his video skillz.

FrankE's been putting his feat up on the desk after producing new Music and new Raps during night time. 

"Chauvre Souris" meaning "bat" in French will give you a glimpse in to the nocturnal lifestyle. 

This is the official making of the videoclip sited in the Funky Record main HQ. 

 Stay fresh. 

 There's more to come...



Live Auftritt Artcore Radio Zug

Now or Later - SNK x FrankE x Fakyr

Relephant Cypher (prod. by dl.orion)



2018 LYRICS Magazin - Golddiggin‘ #18